About us

Buysse Food Solutions is the exclusive distributor in the Benelux of the Fratelli Pagani and the Pagani Chef products. Exclusive ingredients and flavours for the industrial clients to marinades and mixes and herbs for the specialist in traditional fresh products.


Buysse Food Solutions supports the specialists in fresh products. By working only with partners who have experience and innovating products Buysse Food Solutions can work together with his clients to find the perfect solutions to be distinctive in the market. From the most beautiful creation in the counter to the best and highest quality meats.


Buysse Food Solutions only works with products of the highest quality who level up to the highest standards (that meets the highest demands). Products who are sophisticated and refined by their composition. Products who create added value. The gained experience makes sure that Buysse Food Solutions is distinctive in terms of meat processing and treatment. We continue to collect and share that knowledge in order to provide an enrichment of the market.